Premier Apple
IT Support

Designing, deploying and supporting an Apple-based
ecosystem requires an exhaustive understanding of
all of the pieces of your technological puzzle.
Luckily, we're expert puzzle solvers.

Your Business +
Our Passion

The Core Technology Group exists to enrich lives by
helping small & medium-sized businesses successfully
deploy & effectively use Apple, network & software-
driven technology throughout their workplace.




Consultation +

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand, a gentle nudge in the right direction. Looking for the answer to a specific issue or need? No problem, we're here for you when you need us. Current IT support need assistance? When our powers combine you get the best solutions possible. No commitment, no strings, just genius.


Network Design +

Building your business’ network is not the time to discover your inner geek, as exciting as that may be. We’re expert engineers that spend our days keeping up with the latest trends in network security, wireless advancements and all of the crucial elements that keep you and your business safe and online at all times.


Desktop + Laptop

If your vehicle requires regular maintenance to keep it performing optimally, why wouldn’t you do the same for your computer? From installing and supporting essential software to keeping it up to date and free from pesky malware, we treat your computer like it’s one of our own. Spoiler alert: We’re in love with our machines.


Security +

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we’ve found that there are few industries that rely as heavily on a single piece of software as a retail or hospitality location. Experience and efficiency is everything; for you, your staff, and your patrons. Your customers deserve better. We can help.

Apple Consultants Network
Cisco Meraki
Office 365
G Suite

Partners +

An epic composer is nothing without their instrument.
We believe in leveraging industry-leading technology
to make the most beautiful sound for you and your
business...efficiency. Our partnerships and resources
make it simple to implement and support the best
hardware, software and services available.


Professional +

After years of providing Apple-focused IT support for separate firms in the Dallas area, the founding members of The Core decided it was time to meet the needs of thousands of professional Mac users everywhere. Our goal was simple:
Provide the best support and experience possible

for everyone that we encounter. Large or small, contract or as-needed. To that end, we've built a world-class team to work with our clients on a personal level, saving binary speak for ourselves (it's necessary sometimes). Come experience the difference. You deserve nothing less.

Andy Zapata

Client Experience

Bryan Delerson

Technology Development

Carrie Roller


Chris Butler

IT Specialist

Jason Pulley

Business Development

Rebekah Edmondson

IT Specialist

Sam Powers

IT Specialist

Tyler Gittens

IT Specialist


Asked Questions

What if I'm not a Mac user?

Not a problem at all! We specialize in transitioning businesses from Windows-based hardware and services into the much more stable and user-friendly Apple ecosystem. Running a business on Apple technology is not a myth, it’s a reality we believe makes you and your staff much more efficient and productive. We can get you there.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Definitely not, we’re perfectly happy to help you on an
as-needed basis. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional managed services provider, our managed software suite and proactive maintenance is top shelf. Allergic to contracts? Nothing long term here. We aim to keep your business because of quality, not a contract.

Can you partner with my IT?

We’d love to. As a matter of fact, we’ve done so for a number of great companies in the recent past. Just because you already have a great IT provider doesn’t mean we can’t offer a helping hand. Have a cluster of Macs in an otherwise Windows environment? We can join forces so that you get everything you expect from all of your technology.

What about Windows?

Great question. Let’s be honest, it’s necessary in a high number of professional arenas; but remember, necessary evil can be used for good. We can support your Windows computers as long as they’re okay being outnumbered by their Apple cohorts. A majority of our staff is highly skilled in Windows, we just don’t want to live there.

What do you do again?

Fair. Tech speak can be hard to decipher. We’re an Apple-focused IT firm specializing in deploying and maintaining all of the software and hardware solutions that every business needs. Another way to say it might be: Anything with an Apple logo on it is our playground. If it runs on it, connects to it or otherwise interacts with it, we can help.

Then what don't You do?

We believe in leveraging services or companies for what they do best, not trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Data recovery, Apple-certified hardware repair (that which negates AppleCare) and web mastering are a few areas where we partner with other vendors rather than offer directly. Have something else in mind? Great! Let’s talk.